Emei Training Level IV

Emei Qigong (Level I) Teacher Training


Successful completion of Emei Qigong

Levels I, II and III Seminars

The following is the general course outline:

  1. Wuji Gong form correction
  2. Review Level I theories, methods and energy-adjusting techniques
  3. Review Level II theories, calculating the balancing element, and the Grand Method of Transferring Five Elements Energy
  4. Learn new theories regarding Level II material
  5. Review Level III theories and rules
  6. Learn new theories regarding Level III material
  7. Learn the remaining 30 to 40 percent of the rules to analyze and find the root causes
  8. Learn new theories for Level IV material
  9. Master the theories and applied techniques of Levels I, II and III
  10. Training in finding and correcting inaccurate postures and movements
  11. Training in methods of emphasizing the focus of the lecture as well as good lecturing skills
  12. Practicing all the above-mentioned techniques and methods in groups
  13. Overall review of Levels I, II and III
  14. Training in the method of adjusting the group energy to do Group Healing
  15. Training in arranging Level I seminars and procedures
  16. Practice arranging seminars
  17. Training in ESP

Grandmaster Fu will select Level IV students from Level III students. Those selected must have a certain level of understanding about the theories, methods and healing techniques of Levels I, II and III and must also have started using them. They must also have the potential of holding national or local seminars.

After a student completes the Level I Teacher Training Course, if he or she chooses to become an Emei Qigong Level I Teacher, he or she will then continue the training to be a teacher under Grandmaster Fu’ s direction at two Level I seminars.

After students successfully pass all the training and Grandmaster Fu’ s selection criteria, which include virtue and ability, they will be certified as “Emei Qigong Level I Teachers.”