Beginning Qigong: Emei Qigong Level I Training

2 Weekend Seminars


Part 1: Dates to be announced

Saturday & Sunday

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Open to the public: $200

***The classes generally sell out. Register early to save your space.

Location: TBA


Please note: This class is the first half of Level 1 training, which is a two-part class. Part one focuses on self-healing. Part 2 of Level 1 training will continue with self-healing techniques, as well as healing for others. The entire training is a total of four days over two weekends. Part 1 is required before taking Part 2. Part 2 will be offered August 23-24. See below for details.

Level I training is a good place to learn to balance your body, mind and spirit. You can use this knowledge for your own healing, for friends and family, and for patients or clients for those in healing professions. Level 1 is open to everyone. No prior Qigong experience is necessary.

This class is packed with lots of information and healing techniques to help improve and maintain your health. If you’re sick, learn how to get healthy. If you’re healthy, learn how to stay healthy. Learn simple, time-tested methods for improving your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This class is open to all, and everyone can benefit.

In higher level training classes, we transmit deeper knowledge and secrets of the Emei Qigong healing arts, which can enhance everyone’s Qigong practice. Students have the option of continuing on to the teacher-training seminars.

For those who are unhealthy: Learn effective methods to help you to regain your health.

For the serious student who is searching for an long-established and well-respected Qigong school: Emei Qigong is an unbroken, 800 year-old lineage. 14th Generation Master Wendy Goldman trained directly with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the head of the lineage. Learn Qigong techniques from China that work.

For the curious: Come experience the life-changing Qigong.

Join us and let us cultivate body, mind and spirit together!!!

What you’ll learn in Part 1:

  1. What is Qigong?
  2. Learn how to feel Qi.
  3. Learn the Wuji Gong form. Wuji Gong, the powerful fundamental form of Emei Qigong, can help you to restore health, gain emotional balance and further your spiritual development.
  4. Learn the deeper meaning of the Wuji Gong form, and the purpose of each part of the form.
  5. Learn the best time and place to practice Qigong
  6. Understand yin and yang
  7. Learn the underlying causes of illness; learn how people get sick, how to heal, and how to prevent illness
  8. Learn easy-to-follow dietary guidelines
  9. Learn a simple meditation that anyone can do
  10. Learn Emei Mountain healing sounds for the internal organs. These sounds provide a powerful internal organ self-massage. They balance and harmonize the energy of the internal organs.

This is a basic class, that can benefit anyone, with easy, yet powerful practices.



Part 2: Saturday & Sunday

Dates to be announced

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

This is the second half of the Level 1 training course. The first part laid the foundation theory and practices. In this half, you continue learning more theory and techniques for self-healing, and then learn how to safely do energy healing on other people. These techniques are fast and effective, and anyone can learn to do them. This class is fun and interactive, and completes the Emei Qigong Level 1 training. After completeing this class, students may take advanced training classes.

This class is limited to 15 students. Register early to save your space.

Location: Conference Room, 2525 Camino Del Rio S., Suite 100C, San Diego, CA 92108

Prerequisite: Part 1 or Level 1

Register Now for Part 2:

***Repeat Student Registration: $75.00; you must register by phone.

What you’ll learn in Part 2:

  1. Learn about the human body life energy field.
  2. Understand karma and how it really works.
  3. Learn how diseased energy enters and leaves the body.
  4. Learn about empowered objects and how to use them for healing.
  5. Learn how to transfer diseased Qi and negative emotions out of the body.
  6. Experience one-on-one Qi healing, and learn how to do it on others.


Level I is the foundation of all the higher-level Emei Qigong training. You’ll benefit greatly by using the many effective methods taught in this class. You can use these techniques for yourself, and also to help your family and friends.

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