Emei Training Overview

For centuries, the West has focused its energies on conquering the external world and controlling the elements. The benefits of this pursuit are all around us, in the comforts and conveniences of modern life – but we have lost a great deal along the way. The greatest loss can be seen in how we live: We are no longer in harmony with nature. This disharmony, this separation from nature, is very stressful. The hectic pace of modern life adds insult to injury. It’s hardly surprising, then, that inner peace and a sense of calm elude most men and women today. Qigong not only restores health – it also restores our harmony with nature, bringing deep relaxation and serenity.

As a result of this separation from nature and the toll that stress takes, most people alive today are unaware of the many innate abilities they possess. Birds know when a storm is approaching. Many animals sense when an earthquake is coming, often hours or days before the temblor strikes. We marvel at the ability of the sea turtles to find their birthplace and of the monarch butterflies to find a particular forest, in each case traveling across thousands of miles. But these activities are simply the result of being attuned to nature. Qigong is a bridge that makes it possible for a human being be become similarly attuned. Emei Qigong is an ancient system for health, healing, rejuvenation and spiritual development. It is a complete system, the practice of which encompasses physical forms and exercises, meditation, nutrition, healing techniques and spirituality. It is also possible to simply practice individual elements as needed or desired.

The training combines medical knowledge with understandings from Buddhism, Daoism and the true nature of all things. It provides the advantages of the dynamic-arts training of Daoism and the deep meditation of Buddhism, and it is also closely connected with Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Emei Qigong training system cultivates both mind and body, in motion as well as in stillness. Students learn in a graduated, step-by-step manner. The book “The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong” gives an overview of the principles and skills that Emei Qigong teaches. Those who choose to walk its path will find a wealth of information about nutrition, energy healing, herbs, acupuncture, exercise, philosophy, consciousness, and spiritual awareness and attunement.

The system is laid out in an orderly style, removing guesswork about what to do or how to practice. Students learn a number of Qigong movement forms and Chan meditations, as well as powerful techniques for self-healing and for healing others that include qi (energy) transmission and meta-acupuncture. The practice includes movement, visualization, cultivating the eight senses, meditation, healing sounds and moving energy. There are six progressive levels of Emei Qigong cultivation. Summaries that explain the first four levels of training follow later on this page; more information can accessed through the drop-down menu under the Training tab.

Extensive and profound theory accompanies each level of training. Everything is taught in great detail, so students gain a thorough understanding of “why” and “how.” Anyone seeking a deep understanding of how Qigong really works will be delighted.


Go beyond words and discover what balancing body, mind and spirit truly means. In Emei Qigong Level I, you will learn Wuji Gong, the form that is the cornerstone of the practice, and how to sense your qi, or energy. You will be introduced to the fundamental theories of Emei Qigong, and you will have the opportunity to practice a variety of techniques for healing yourself and healing others. Specific topics include Emei Qigong’s healing sounds; how to use the Universal Mantra for healing yourself and others; the six secrets of qi healing; what empowered objects are and how to use them; how to transfer and clear disease energy and emotional disturbances; how to eradicate suffering, and how to sustain happiness.

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LEVEL II – Changing the Moving Program of Life

There are many questions in life that are difficult to answer. If the key to a rewarding relationship is love, why is it that two people may fall deeply, sincerely in love with each other yet eventually come to a bitter parting of the ways?

If good nutrition and exercise are the cornerstone of good health, why is it that some people who take great care to eat well and take care of themselves contract incurable diseases?

Why is it that one gravely ill person responds to medical treatment and recovers and another with the same illness, given the same treatment, dies?

The answer lies in the Moving Program of Life, which is a manifestation of the pre- and post-birth energy of the five elements. The pre-birth energy comes from your previous lives, your parents, your gestation in the womb and the time of your birth. The post-birth energy comes from your thoughts, words and various actions since the moment you were born. Those post-birth thoughts, words and actions unfold along a course determined by the pre-birth energy. To change that course, to change the Moving Program of Life, one must cultivate the heart, the part of the Grand Method introduced in Level I, and transform the five elements’energy, the technique taught in Level II. By practicing the special cultivating method taught in Level II, you can return to and change the pre-birth energy and benefit the present. Once the Moving Program of Life has been changed for the better, everything in your life, now and in the future, will flow more smoothly and in a positive direction.

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LEVEL III – Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method

The manifestation of symptoms and sensations is the consequence of residual energy information acting on the body. The Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method taught in Level III is a system for locating the “root cause” of a disease and eradicating it. Students learn to rid the body of residual energy information using a unique technique, the “healing method that counters perception and comprehension of events and reasons,” in addition to using empowered objects. These two techniques are important measures for healing problems that result from discord of heart energy and the force of nature.

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Level IV prepares students to become teachers of Level I seminars. It begins with a review of Levels I, II and III and then adds to material covered in each of these levels. Subjects covered include: how to organize, advertise and teach a Level I seminar; advanced methods of meta-acupuncture, four pillars analysis, and ESP; additional rules for finding root causes; how to clear karma, and how to eliminate lower-level energy entities. Students get extensive practice and corrections in all techniques.

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