What others are saying about Qigong


Very, very clear instruction. So easy to understand! Wendy makes it so much easier to absorb and incorporate into my daily life. I’m so glad I re-took this. I learned some more techniques that I didn’t get the 1st time I took this Level 1 class.
-L.Hart; Feb. 2014

I have aspired for many years that emotions are [the] main cause of illness and this class pulled all of my own thoughts together to make it even more clear. I know all things [are] connected (stars, organs, color, sound, etc.); and simple ways to heal it all.
-Joanne S.; Feb. 2014

“I’ve only practiced level 2 meditation for 1 season. And I was only able to practice about 40 times. One thing I’ve noticed about myself that it has made me very, very, very, very calm. I could think more clearly. Because of this my behavior has changed for the better. Even my wife noticed it. 1 week after practice she constantly mentioned I seem different.”

“People are born with different personalities. Some are shy, some are submissive, some are belligerent, and some are aggressive. Maybe it’s because they are born with too much, wood, too much fire, etc. I think what level 2 does is change a person’s natural tendency to overreact, be angry, be sad, be overly joyous, be shy, be timid, be submissive, etc. It brings internal balance. So that we can move forward, think more clearly, and make better decisions to bring the best out of ourselves. From that the practitioner benefits from level 2 already with just a few days of practice. But then again, that’s just my opinion. I haven’t won the lottery or anything. But my work performance, financial decisions, relationship with people has noticeably changed. And because of this I am doing better financially during this recession than I was when there was an economic boom.”
– T.T.

“These past few weeks have been more challenging than usual and my well-being was much improved by doing those [qigong] exercises at work. Thank you for being so kind to share the teaching with others!
– Linda K.

“Feeling Great!! I took level 1 in Apr 2008 w/Grandmaster Fu [and Wendy] which was AMAZING! I have recently been suffering from mold poisoning, which wreaked havoc on my lungs and intestines. After about 6 visits to the ER and minimal results from meds, I recalled my QiGong training and healing sounds and feel great!!! Honestly, I wasn’t doing my training daily, now I have an alarm set for QiGong Time!! Friends ask how I got better and I share with them and we do it together!!”
 – C. Dragon Cloude

I have a long history of migraines. I was having migraines about 1x a week for years. Sometimes less and sometimes more depending on many factors.

I started the Wuji Qigong practice in April 2008. I was practicing every day and after about 4-5 weeks I realized I was not having migraines. Now it has been 10 months of practicing faithfully. I have migraines only rarely now. There have been a few instances where I was having the symptoms of a migraine starting. I did the Wuji Qigong practice and at the end of the practice the migraine energy was gone. This to me is a miracle. I could take medications and still have to deal with residual symptoms for hours, but doing the practice the migraine was completely gone. What a gift to find this Qigong. I have done other types of Qigong for years and yet never had this kind of healing happen for me.
– K.M.

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