Emei Techniques – Yi Jing Heart Energy

Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Methods

An example of using this method:

Male, age 45, has problems at the kidneys and lumbar

Although doctors have been treating the illness properly, the symptoms still come and go. Sometimes it is better than other times; sometimes it is painful, and other times it is not; it has been fluctuating for the past 10 years.

According to the Fundamental Archetype Chart of Yi Jing and the residual energy information in the liver and lumbar area:


The Interaction of Energy Information of All Things
Intertwining with the problem-causing factors of the seven emotions
Problem-Causing Energy Information rapidly transferred to corresponding organ and is stored there and remains there
Heaven moon, rain, etc. From fear to worry, from worry to fear-induced hatred, over-thinking, anxiety, nervousness, apprehensions,…. Problem of the kidneys and lumbar area (lumbar vertebra not included)
Earth ocean, toilet, cemetery at high altitude, etc.
Human sailors, thieves, dancers, etc.
Things drinking vessel, car tire, car wheel, etc.
Buildings bedroom and restaurant near water, bedroom facing north, etc.
Animals pigs, snails, swallows, etc.
Experiences unstable job situation, being robbed or cheated, something happened to self or close ones because of dancing, etc.


According to the chart above and through the healer’ s ESP ability in using energy information to search for and locate the problem, or through the person’ s own use of energy information to search for and locate illness, it was apparent that the person and someone close to him had painful experiences of being cheated and having stolen relationships. This event was related to dancing, and the people involved are related to dancers.

After his seven emotions interacted with the people, events and things of the incident, the problem-causing energy information followed the innate energy function of the kidneys and promptly transferred and was deeply stored in the kidney and lumbar.

Since then, his emotions of fear-induced hatred, over-thinking, anxiety, nervousness and precipitance have greatly intensified. When fear reaches a certain degree it turns to worry, and worry, in turn, promotes more fear. What causes his fear and worry? It is the conscious reaction of an injured emotion. He fears and worries that he himself or those close to him will encounter mishaps again while dancing. This is why his kidney and lumbar are perpetually unhealed.

From then on, he has disliked dancing or watching dancing. Even seeing a dance scene on TV or hearing the word “dancing” triggers conscious and subconscious reactions from the residual energy information stored in his cells. As a consequence, the psychological reactions from self-detection and the inability to subconsciously self-detect further manifest the residual energy information in the kidney and lumbar. He continues to develop problems in the kidney and lumbar, inflicting harm on himself.

As his conditions worsened, excessive worry also caused frequent urination. He had kidney stones and chronic inflammation of the lumbar soft tissue. (There is a separate chart for each problem of the vertebrae, such as cervical, thoracic, lumbar vertebrae and so on.)

The above symptoms are only superficial. The real causes are the residual energy information of fear, hatred and worry remaining in the cells of the kidney and lumbar area.

The relationship of cause and effect for this person:

The cause is people, events and things related to dancing. The process is the interaction of emotions triggered by the cause. The result is problem at the kidney and lumbar region.

Speaking in the context of the interactions of energy information of all things, the cause-effect relationship of this person’s problem is:

People, events and things related to dancing, intertwined with the seeds of the seven disturbing emotions, follow the innate energy function of the kidney and sink into the kidney and lumbar region. This is the cause of the problem. Residual energy information continues to be subject to the interaction of the seven emotions, inflicting harm on the person. This is the process. The problems at the kidney and lumbar region are perpetually not healed. This is the result.

In order to heal a chronic and stubborn problem completely, whether for oneself or others, it is necessary to first identify the cause, heal the cause, and eliminate the development process. Healing the cause is the fundamental step. Healing the development process is the primary step, and healing the result is the supplementary step. These are the characteristics of the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. Otherwise, healing the resulting symptoms will not eradicate the problems from the root. It would merely suppress the problems temporarily. Consequently, the conditions are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and at times more severe than others but ultimately, the symptoms tend to develop into something more severe. When the residual energy information in the body encounters excessive disturbances of the seven emotions, the problem will suddenly worsen.

The path of healing the above person using the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method is as follows:

Healing the cause: Use the healing method that counters perception and comprehension about people, events and things related to dancing.

Healing the process: Residual energy information continues to interact with the seven emotions and inflict harm on the person. Use the unique healing method of empowered objects to eliminate the residual energy information from the kidney and lumbar area.

Healing results: Improve or eliminate the problems of the kidney and lumbar region.

Therefore, without the cause there will be no process. Even if there is still occasional minor emotional upheaval, the residual energy information is no longer in the kidney and lumbar to interact with it. This heals both the cause and process of the problem and supplements it with healing the symptoms at the kidney and lumbar area. With excellent coordination between the person and healer, the healing effect will be apparent after one healing and the problem can be eliminated after several healings.

About the System

Level III is a Grand Method, whereas Levels I and II are lower-level methods. Level III is the advanced level closely related to Level I and II. It is an in-depth grand system built on the bases of the two previous levels and achieves an elevated level in every respect. It involves a wider scope, as described in the following:

1. Modern Medicine

The healing methods of modern clinical treatments using medication, physical therapy and surgery all treat symptoms, not causes. If the root cause is not eradicated, the symptoms only temporarily disappear. When the external environment and physical/psychological causes reemerge, the illness thought to have been cured will reappear, transform into another illness, or shift to other parts of the body. For example, although someone with cancer or a tumor is clinically healed and free of cancer cells, as shown by blood tests after the operation and chemotherapy or radiation therapy, these treatments only heal the symptoms. Years later, the disease can still recur at the same spot or tumors may grow at other places. The reason is that the “heart” source was never cured.

But modern medicine provides a powerful substantiation and scientific basis for the perfection of the theory of Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. Its fundamental theories, such as physiology and anatomy, directly match the principles of this healing method. For example, the analyses and diagnostic results of Western medicine on the composition, structure, ability and function of the various parts of human organs are referenced, extended and expanded by the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. It becomes an important principle and basis for direct effects of treatments.

2. Psychology

The successes of modern psychology have been accepted and adopted by the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. The “subconscious” function and “collective unconscious” theories of psychology developed by Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung, et al, provide definitive mutual validation for the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. These theories also suggest that the basis of “mind-and-body illness” is truly in the “mind.” The mind-and-body theories of medical science have been researched, developed and practiced around the world for more than a century. They promote the blossoming of this big tree of Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method and pave a smooth path for the modern development of Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method.

However, it should be pointed out that the “subconscious,” “conscious” and “collective unconscious” as researched and practiced by modern psychology only touches psychology’ s boundaries. The Buddhist philosophy of “all things but knowledge, all ways but heart” does not refer to the scope of psychology but covers the total spectrum of psychology. The “heart” here is wuji energy or wuji power. Appearing in the human body, this heart is the cellular micro-particle. The Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method extends beyond the layers of psychological consciousness to seek out the root source. Its scope of healing practices substantially exceeds that practiced by psychology.

3. Chinese Medicine

The ancient and deep-rooted cultural background of the Chinese people provides rich nutrients for the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. Chinese medicine uses yin-yang balance theory as its base, the five elements’ giving birth and restraining cycles as the means, and the organs viscera theory as the clinical basis to validate the wonders of using the idea of opposing yet unified wuji power energy balance.

The Chinese medical theories of herbal medicine, acupuncture and tuina can be summarized into two major techniques. One is to nurture positive energy, i.e. increase the immunity, and the other is to attack the illness and dissolve the pathogen, which actively attacks the point of illness. Both techniques regard the organs and viscera as the source for treatment. In pathogenesis, there are only three types of pathogens (internal, external and non-internal/non-external). It may appear that the root cause of illness has been cured, but in reality, the source still has not been reached. Even when healing an illness of the internal seven emotions and combining that with the theory of the abilities of the organs viscera, the treatment is shallow and does not rigorously investigate the root source, which lies in the seven emotions.

The discussions above are only intended to give a simple comparison of the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method and other modalities. They are not meant to devalue modern medicine, psychology or Chinese medicine. In fact, all these sciences provide powerful proof and corroboration of the theory and adjustment and healing practice of the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. For example, in Western medicine, the biological function of liver is to filter out toxins, while in Chinese medicine, the primary function of the liver is to facilitate the passage of liver energy and other substances, acting as a commanding general and making crucial decisions. At the mind level, liver is the major planner and thinker. So both functions inherently require the judgment ability of liver to discern the conditions at hand. The Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method holds that if people feel wronged and unjustly treated, illnesses of the liver will take hold; all unsatisfied emotions relate to the discerning ability of liver to make itself sick. At this point, Western medicine, Chinese medicine, psychology and the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method converge: They all use the corresponding technique of assessing the condition of the issue at hand, comparing it with known patterns and then classifying it.

4. Qigong and Other Life-Nurturing and Health-Preserving Methods

In America, there are many varieties of life-nurturing and health-preserving methods that have been imported from all over the world. Qigong, the jewel of Chinese culture, was introduced into this array only about 20 years ago. It is a traditional science that is newly rising in the Americas. It has begun to gain great attention from those who currently practice natural healing. But Qigong must be integrated with contemporary American culture. Only then may it flourish and stand out among all the different choices to contribute significantly to the life-nurturing and health-preserving methods of the American people.

To do so, it must rid itself of false “tricks.” For example, there are some books that claim that a particular kind of Qigong “surpasses Western doctors, surpasses psychologists, surpasses Chinese medicine and acupuncture, surpasses chiropractors, surpasses Western medicine, surpasses surgery and so on,” implying that only it is supreme. But a careful examination of the contents reveals only a natural healing method based primarily on elementary Qigong techniques combined with other studies of natural healing methods – in essence, it is fundamentally the methods of Qigong. Some current Qigong practitioners, some of whom are also physicians, who advertised these “super techniques” in the past have now cleaned up these misleading and false claims. These wise decisions have elevated their status of mind.

Level III Emei Qigong teaches how to use an instant healing method in one or two minutes and relieve or eliminate mental, psychological and physiological pain and suffering. The process eliminates the blocking of energy nodules. The result is comparable to those so-called super techniques mentioned above, and better. But we must clearly realize that eliminating stagnant energy nodules is only a way of treating symptoms. Unless we combine it with the use of Emei Qigong’ s Grand Method of healing the root cause, the effect may be only temporary. In other words, this technique is important for achieving instant treatment of symptoms and is very effective for reducing or eliminating the pain and suffering caused by the symptoms. It can even be used in qigong demonstrations, which help to reinforce the confidence in energy methods, but we can not put the cart before the horse.

5. Yi Jing (I-Ching)

Yi Jing is China’ s most ancient book, and its uses are extremely numerous.

The four pillars principle, which is an integral part of Yi Jing, and the five elements balancing and five elements giving birth and restraining cycles are more profound than the methods of Chinese medicine. The rule of assessing the condition for comparison in the Yi Jing and the five elements theory may follow different routes, but they achieve the same goals. The five elements theory and the method of assessing the condition for comparison in Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method collect and analyze physical illness with rapid telepathic scanning. It is a very detailed and highly practical Grand Method.

6. Modern Science

Some of the research results of modern science have become, to various degrees, a driving force and powerful assistant to the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. One example is using instruments to map the brain to validate the influence of various mental conditions on it. Another example can be given by likening the human mind to a computer: We realize that when people get sick, it is like a computer not being able to operate normally because of inadequate internal capacity, processing errors, operational mistakes, and external damage or influence. We can easily figure out the remedy – expand the capacity, upgrade the processor and reconfigure the procedure to correct the processing errors. This applies to people as well, especially when dealing with problems such as a narrow mind, abnormal and unnatural moods, illogical thinking, bad behavior caused by a deviated mind, suffering and injury from external causes and so on.

A bad personality can likewise be changed; incorrect views need to be corrected, just as a computer needs correct procedures to work properly. Only when a peaceful mind agrees with wuji power can we be free of illness and put matters in auspicious cycles of healthy development.

Fundamentally speaking, the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method aims to correct our mistakes in procedure. With correct logical thinking, we can restore behavior to a normal state. Yet all injuries caused by external conditions and environment are closely related to internal factors. External factors always have to pass through internal factors to be activated. Internal factors are the basis, and external factors are only the conditions of development and change. Eradicating the internal factors can reduce the damaging effects of external power to the fullest extent. (Please refer to related Level II discussions for a more detailed description of the relationship between computers, computer CMOS chips, and heart.)

7. Cultivated Innate Abilities / Awakened

Innate Abilities The cultivated innate abilities appear in many forms, including the three major areas of receiving, emitting and mixing.

All cultivated experts, past and present, possess varying degrees of cultivated abilities. But knowledgeable people all understand that cultivated innate abilities are only a certain step of progression during cultivation. They are also a means of helping others and benefiting others. The purpose of cultivation is absolutely not to stay at the stage of cultivated innate abilities; cultivation without advancement may lead to a deviated path.

How many cultivators in the past and at present seek, without success, to acquire these cultivated innate abilities with hard work for 10 or 20 years, or even their entire lifetimes? Besides feeling sorry for themselves, they often think that it is impossible to acquire and achieve cultivated innate abilities; only those who were born with them can accomplish this.

In fact, the lineage sects of both Buddhism and Daoism possess Grand Methods to achieve their respective supreme levels through cultivated innate abilities. They all emphasize the four ensuring factors of law and method, companionship, treasury and environment.

Law and method means cultivating method. Without a proper law and method to follow and cultivate, there will be no success.

Among the four factors, law and method sits on top. The other three factors can be imperfect and the person can still achieve a preliminary accomplishment.

In order to use the Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method, there must be a preliminary cultivated innate ability to ensure success.

The training for this class is rapid telepathy scanning, a manifestation of cultivated innate abilities. First find the source of problem (root), after that find the presence of the stagnant energy (symptom). As long as everybody follows the requirements of the class, 99 percent of students will acquire the preliminary ability to start practicing after 10 days of training. The longer one practices with better-coordinated healing and practicing, the more accurate this becomes.

In the past, this ancient Emei Grand Method has rarely been divulged to outsiders. Now Grandmaster Fu has decided to disseminate it to the public. People who are linked by ties of karma have the opportunity to learn it so they can use it to help others as well as themselves. This is a very gratifying feeling in the path of cultivation.