Emei Techniques – Universal Mantra

A mantra, by itself, does not have energy. It is a special cipher code language that communicates and mobilizes the universal energy. Hence, the mantra language is also called the true language. It is the true language of the universe. Using a mantra to heal people has many advantages that no other method can replace.

  1. The mantra has a specific nature of command and it easily mobilizes universal energy.
  2. The energy that the mantra mobilizes is a lot stronger than the energy that comes through any other methods.
  3. The mantra also has the effect of resisting the intrusion of bad-quality energy entities, including disease energy.
  4. The mantra protects the healer’s positive energy from leaking out.
  5. During a mantra healing session while the healer is healing someone, the universal energy mobilized by the mantra also adjusts the healer’s imbalanced energy at the same time. This method of healing others and adjusting oneself at the same time is a grand method that merges healing and cultivation into one.

To use the universal mantra to communicate and mobilize the universal energy to heal, one has to recite the mantra for at least 300,000 times before it has a healing effect, it’s not simply a matter of having seen the mantra in a book or hearing about it from someone. However, if you have had the empowerment from Grandmaster Fu, you would have already developed quite some latent ability and only need to familiarize yourself with the mantra in order to use it right away.