Emei Techniques – Meta-Qi-Zhen

Meta-Qi-Zhen, or Meta-Qi-Needle, might be difficult to understand without first having an understanding of the theory behind various Qigong healing methods and empowered objects. This healing method combines Qigong and acupuncture theory. It maximizes the advantages of both methods so that each complements the other. Use it on yourself, others and pets. It is also suitable for remote healing.

Essentially, this healing method is greatly dependent on psychological suggestion. For one thing, under the guidance of the Meta-Qi-Zhen Healing Method, the person who is seeking healing will momentarily reach the high level of a tranquil state. This invokes the same self-healing and self-restoring effect as Qigong practice. Also, when the person is in the tranquil state, his or her mind is steady and the energy and blood are in a balanced state. The open system of the whole body has a high sensitivity, hence the ability to communicate naturally with universal energy is greatly enhanced. When the person is in this state, universal energy can do the most good. This makes Meta-Qi-Needle healing a grand method that combines universal energy and psychological suggestion.