Emei Techniques – Healing Sounds

The vital organs of the human body are always playing their own frequencies, or sounds. The sound of the heart is like the sound of a fire burning; the sound of the lungs is like the sound of metal hitting on metal; the sound of the liver is like wood knocking on wood; the sound of the spleen is like stone knocking on stone; and the sound of the kidneys is like the sound of a stream flowing. If we could record the sounds of the vital organs, they would sound like the beautiful music of life. These are the natural sounds and rhythms within the universe of human body.

When the human body is healthy, the loud, sonorous, low, deep and reverberating sounds of the vital organs are harmonious, with regular patterns, and are full of rhythms. The harmonic sounds of the vital organs change when one’s physiological or psychological state changes. These sounds are like a concert: If some of the instruments are out of tune, the originally harmonic music will suffer changes in frequency, musicality and timbre.

The Emei Sacred Healing Sounds are a centuries-old inheritance that has been passed down by Emei Qigong lineage holders.

Effects of Practicing the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds

  1. Different sounds go directly to their corresponding vital organs and make them vibrate.
  2. These sounds use the yin and yang notes to let their energy directly massage the corresponding vital organ. This massage is the massage of the integrative energy of breathing in air and pre-birth energy and is also called internal massage. Whether someone is healthy or sick, another person can massage his or her soft tissues, joints, meridians and acupuncure points, but how can one massage the internal organs? Only internal massage can do this.
  3. Through the vibration and massage created by the healing sounds, external symptoms of pain, swelling, numbness, tension, anxiety, worry and so on that result from an internal disease can be relieved or healed.
  4. Because practicing healing sounds has to be integrated with breathing exercises, not only do the sounds have a curative effect, they also give the benefits of deep breathing exercises.
  5. The healing sounds are combined with breathing to adjust the imbalanced energy fields of the vital organs and stimulate their becoming balanced.
  6. According to the “Yin-Yang Grand Theory,” the fine essence of liver energy is ascending, heart is descending, spleen is aggregating, lung is opening, and kidney is dispersing. The Emei Sacred Healing Sounds promote the corresponding vital organ’s energetic and functional activities.
  7. Don’t assume that the energy of only one vital organ is out of balance when you have a disease. Normally, an energy disorder of the whole body causes one specific internal organ to lose its balance and then passes on the problem, thus affecting other organs and causing their energy to lose balance too.