San Diego Qigong Classes

Wuji Gong Class and Group Practice

qigong-classSaturdays at 10:00 am, Balboa Park

****NO Class May 18th and June 1st.

Master Wendy teaches the Wuji Gong form of qigong exercise. The class is free and open to everyone. Wuji Gong is a powerful form of qigong that is very easy to learn and practice. It consists of a series of movements that open up the energetic pathways of the body, thereby clearing out blockages and promoting health.

Instruction and practice starts at 10:00AM, and lasts about an hour (give or take a little bit).

You will learn how to do the whole practice in one class. Then you can practice on your own or join us at group practice on Saturday mornings.

Location: Practice is located under the trees adjacent to the parking lot near the playground on Park Blvd. Please see the map and photo of the location below. 

Cost: FREE and open to all.

****Please note: NO class in case of rain.

Beginning Qigong: Emei Qigong Level 1 Training: Part 1

Weekend Seminar

Dates to be announced

Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Open to the public: $200.00

The in-person classes generally sell out. Register early to save your space.

Location: TBA

Register now:

Please note: This class is the first half of a two-part class. Part one focuses on self-healing. Part 2 will continue with more self-healing techniques, as well as healing for others. The entire training is a total of four days over two weekends. Part 1 is required before taking Part 2. Part 2 will be offered later this year.

Learn simple, time-tested methods for improving your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You’ll learn Emei Qigong techniques for self healing, as well as techniques you can use to help others. You’ll learn how to help others in a safe way, while protecting yourself from other people’s negative energy. This class is especially important for anyone in the healing professions, or who works with people.


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Beginning Qigong: Part 2

Weekend Seminar

Dates to be announced

Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

This is the second half of the Level 1 training course. The first part laid the foundation theory and practices. In this half, you continue learning more theory and techniques for self-healing, and then learn how to safely do energy healing on other people. These techniques are fast and effective, and anyone can learn to do them. This class is fun and interactive, and completes the Emei Qigong Level 1 training. After completing this class, students may take advanced training classes.

  • Learn about the human body life energy field.
  • Understand karma and how it really works.
  • Learn how diseased energy enters and leaves the body
  • Understand secrets of Qi healing.
  • Learn about empowered objects and how to use them for healing.
  • Learn how to transfer diseased Qi and negative emotions out of the body.
  • Experience one-on-one Qi healing, and learn how to do it on others.

Prerequisite: Beginning Qigong: Part 1, or Level 1 training

Seminar Cost: $200.00

**Repeat Student Registration: $100.00; you must register by phone.

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The seminar is taught by Master Wendy Goldman, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master. Master Wendy has studied for years with Grandmaster Fu, the head of the 800-year old Emei Qigong lineage from Emei Mountain in China.

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Emei Qigong Level 2 Training

Six Day Seminar, over two weekends

Class dates to be announced

Class will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Everyone is born with different amounts and qualities of Qi, or energy, that affects everything in your life. For example, some people don’t have to work very hard, and get great success, but others have to work twice as hard for half the results. This is due to the pre-birth Qi that you’re born with.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to find and analyze the nature of the prebirth Qi. You’ll learn how to do this for yourself and other people.
  • How to do a special meditation practice that can improve your life and change your karma.
  • How to do feng shui for yourself based on your own individual energies, and you can also make recommendations to others based on their energies.
  • How to look at two people’s pre-birth energies and assess their compatibility.
  • Learn meta-acupuncture, for healing yourself and others, both one-on-one and remotely.
  • Receive the Empowerment to Open Heaven’s Door from Master Wendy, so negative Qi can effectively leave your body, and pure Universal Qi can enter.

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Prerequisite: Beginning Qigong Parts 1 & 2, or Level 1 training.

Cost: $899

**Repeat student registration: $450. You must register by phone.

Register by phone: (619) 917-6288

Location: TBA